The Morin Trek

Travelling back in time 348 years, from 2010 to 1661 with Morin descendants.


Why Are we doing this?

Two years ago I knew nothing of the Morin past. Since then, I continue to learn about the times and trials of each generation and as I share this with my own brothers and sisters and extended family members, they are anxious to know more. What better way than to travel to those places where each generation lived while at the same time enjoying a great discovery vacation? Why not discover our Morin ancestry by taking a trip back into the past, from Cumberland Ontario where my Morin uncles and aunts thrived, to Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia where we know our first Morin ancestor in Canada was married in 1661?

The Trek: From July 4 to July 10, 2010

The seven-day trek begins in Cumberland, Ontario, then stopping in Ste. Marie de Beauce (Quebec) with stops in Saint-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, Montmagny, and then on to Bathurst (New Brunswick). From there we will travel on to Halifax (Nova Scotia), ending at Annapolis Royal. Join the whole trek, or participate in part of it. Also learn about our Cameron ancestors (Cumberland, Halifax and Annapolis Royal) and the role the Micmacs played in keeping our first Morin ancestors alive (Halifax, Nova Scotia).

Historical References

Going backwards in time, here are the generations, dates and locations of our ancestors:

1853 to present Cumberland, Ontario Sarah McNeely (nee Morin), Georges Morin married to Bella Cameron, Philippe Morin married to Sarah Summers, Antoine Morin married to Emelie Payment dit Lariviere.
1772 to 1846 Ste. Marie de Beauce Antoine Morin (above), Joachim Morin married to Suzanne Demers, Joachim Morin married to Marie Bilodeau
1718 to 1772 St. François de la Rivière du Sud Joachim Morin (above), Charles Morin married to Claire des troismaisons dite Picard, Pierre Morin dit Boucher married to Françoise Chiasson.
1687 to 1718 Transition from Acadia to Québec ( Beaubassin to Nipisiquid to Québec city/ Mont-Louis) Pierre Morin dit Boucher(above) and his parents Pierre Morin dit Boucher married to Marie Martin.
1670 to 1687 Beaubassin Pierre Morin dit Boucher (father and son)
1661 to 1670 Port Royal Pierre Morin dit Boucher establishing his household in Acadia.

There are opportunities along the way to interact with descendants from other areas, especially Quebec. We are bilingual so language need not be a barrier.

Current Family Highlights

My sister Amery is CEO of Annapolis Royal and will integrate our reunion with their special celebrations marking Annapolis Royal’s 300th anniversary of its first charter.

My daughter Tracy is one of the owners of the Hub Halifax, a place for people to meet and work on a flexible fee for time basis. This is a good location to promote an event that includes historical presentations (Morin history, Micmac contributions and a sharing of Cameron information) followed by Acadian music and a sampling of typically Acadian desserts.


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