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Travelling back in time 348 years, from 2010 to 1661 with Morin descendants.

Well folks,

Here's what I'm up to with the Morintrek. The earlier part of our family history has been very well documented by Jacques-Yvan Morin in his book L'Odyssée des Morin. I met with him this past week and I have begun translating this book into English. It covers his whole family history up to his father. The first two generations are the same as ours and then the chapter on Pierre Morin III has a lot in common with our ancestor Charles Morin of the same generation. I'm slowly researching and piecing back together our Morin ancestors from Ste-Marie-de-Beauce, where the Cumberland Antoine Morin came from.

With the help of many other Morins, I'm filling out all of the family information regarding Antoine's descendants: Ray Morin from Michigan ( a descendant of Frederick Morin ), Maureen Morin from Ottawa, the western Morins descendants of Nelson Morin and Emmett Carr from Ottawa have sent me information that I am integrating into what will become a book of Ontario Morins descendant of Antoine Morin.

And I haven't forgotten Sebelle descendant of Denis Morin or Christine Oderdink-Morin whose son Marcel I hope might help us with the site of the Martin settlement of old Port Royal.

Feel free to send information anytime. It's always welcome.

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