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   Irene Morin Fox ( 18 Apr 1902 – 31 Oct 1974 ) was the eighth child of Frederick Nelson Morin, youngest son of Antoine Morin and Émélie dit Larivière and brother to Philippe Morin married to Sara Summers.

Irene was the first of the girls to finish her education and become a teacher. She taught in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Windsor, that I know of. In 1933, at the age of 31, she married 39 year old Scotsman Bill Fox in London, Ontario, a golf pro who, when they met, was the pro at Windsor Golf Course. They had four chidren, the two sons both became golf pros and the family lived in various locations in the U.S. and Ontario over the years. Irene died of a heart attack in Windsor at age 72, a few months after passing her information on to me.

Irene was a family historian in the sense that she took an interest in both family facts and family photographs. She got a camera at an early age and took several hundred photos, the vast majority of which were taken in Saskatchewan and are unidentified. She got hold of some of Frederick’s family pictures (of family events starting about 1917 ) which include some of Frederick’s brothers and sisters. She was the one who passed on the only photograph of Antoine Morin. She also had the 1901 family portrait of Frederick and Sara and their first 6 children. Don’t forget that Frederick and his wife took care of Antoine and Émélie until their deaths, Émélie in 1896 and Antoine in 1905. Frederick and Sara were the only children living with Antoine when he passed away. Philippe and Fred must have been very close. Irene always called Antoine’s son Napoleon “Uncle Paul”. Irene moved with her family to Orleans when she was about 6 years old.

Most importantly, Irene had enough interest to sit down with Frederick’s personal family notes, in his handwriting, and copy the information down about Frederick’s brothers and sisters. I copied Irene’s pencilled handwritten copy that summer of 1974. My subsequent research showed the notes to be quite accurate, off a day from some parish entries. Philippe’s death was off by 3 years, but that might have been an error of hers or of my copying. She also included information about brothers and sisters who died as infants.

Submitted by Ray Morin and edited by Gerard Boyer

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Comment by Kelly Yates on February 15, 2012 at 1:38pm

I have many of the pictures mentioned. They have been passed around the family! I am so glad Irene took the time to do this.


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