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The Cumberland Township Morins in the 1901 census and their neighbours.

When the 1901 census was taken in Cumberland, Ontario, the following Morin families were living within close proximity of each other.

  • The patriarch, Antoine Morin, was living with his son Fredrick Morin, his wife Sarah (Delorme) and their 6 children, the oldest 8 years old: Fredrick, Joanne, Philip, Norah, Gertie and Arthur.
  • Philippe, another of Antoine’s sons, was living close by with his wife Sarah (Summers) and their 12 children: George (23 years old), Maggie, Joseph, Emily, Richard, Andrew, Mary, Elizabeth, Christina, Philip, James L. and Wilfred.
  • Philippe’s oldest son, Nelson, was living close by with his wife Bridget (Carr) and their one child, Mary.
  • Finally, another one of Antoine’s sons, Napoleon, was living close by with his wife Anne (Riopel) and their two children, Romeo and Arthur.

All families are bilingual (French and English speaking). Philippe, Antoine, Nelson and Fredrick are listed as farmers, Napoleon is listed as a labourer and Philippe’s three oldest children are listed as labourer (George), servant (Maggie) and servant (Joseph).

In order to establish who their immediate neighbours were, I will make the following assumptions: the enumerator started his census collecting at the Canaan Road, beginning at Lot 1. So their neighbors were, going eastward:

  • John, Ellen & Jane Paisley, brother and sisters.
  • John & Mary Morris
  • James Moffatt, widower
  • Michael & Mary Regan
  • Catherine Moffatt, widow
  • John & Emily Moffatt
  • Patrick & Esther McLaughlin
  • Robert & Nellie Smith
  • Stuart & Georgie E. Cameron

And then westward:

  • William & Hariet Barrons
  • Samuel & ? Lough
  • Harry & Zelma Coomber
  • Mary Magurn(widow) and her son Alex
  • Elliott Williams (single)
  • Leroy & Georgie Dunning
  • Eliza Cloffy (widow)
  • Dury & Esther Thomas
  • Colin & Elizah McRae
  • Samuel & Mary Dale
  • Daniel Lough and two of his nieces.

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Comment by Susan Neilson on September 23, 2011 at 11:21am
John & Emily Moffatt (née Emelie Morin) daughter of Antoine Morin my great grandmother.


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