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Where did Pierre Morin and Marie Martin live...?

Where did Pierre Morin dit Boucher and Marie Martin live between 1661 and 1673?

What follows is an attempt to establish where this couple lived. We know that they are recorded in the 1671 Port Royal census. I will use this census, a 1707 map recently published by Annapolis Ventures ( based on Delabat’s census), a map originally drawn by Léopold Lanctôt and used by William Gerrior in his book Acadian Awakenings, p. 192, and a historical note by Stephen A. White in his Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes, p. 1126, to establish their home whereabouts at this time in history.

It’s possible, but not certain, that the 1671 census was conducted following some geographical order. I therefore listed those family names from this census that preceded the Martin “clan” list, those that were part of it and those that followed it as they were ordered in that census, in the left column of Table 1. Then I juxtaposed the names of those who were enumerated in 1707 and appear on the Annapolis Ventures’ map based on that census, going from west to east along part of the north bank of the Dauphin River (now the Annapolis River), in the right column of Table 1.

This table indicates that the Martin “clan” was located between the “Bruns” in the west and the ”Savoies” to the east. Pierre Morin and François Pelerin integrated themselves to the Martin “Village” by each marrying a daughter of Pierre Martin and establishing their families close by.


Order of family names as they appear in the 1671 census

Inhabitants of a section of the north shore of the Dauphin River in geographical order from east to west in 1707


Guillaume BLANCHARD (son of Jehan)


La veufve de deffunt FRANÇOIS GUÉRIN

Pierre LANOUE (son)




Claude TERRIAU(son of Jehan TERRIAU)


Germain TERRIAU(son of Jehan TERRIAU


François SCAVOIS

Germain Savoie(son of François)

Jean CORPORON (his wife is Françoise Scavois, daughter of François SCAVOIS


Pierre MARTIN Sr.

René MARTIN (son of Barnabé Martin, the brother of Pierre Martin Sr)

François PELERIN (his wife is Andrée MARTIN, daughter of Pierre MARTIN Sr.

We know that François Pelerin established his family at Beaubassin around 1673, as well as Pierre Martin Jr. and Pierre Morin

Pierre MORIN ( his wife is Marie Martin, daugher of Pierre Martin Sr.)

We know that Pierre Morin established his family at Beaubassin around 1673 (Atlas de l’établissement des Acadiens à Beaubassin 1660 à 1755, Paul Surette, pg. 4)

Mathieu MARTIN, son of Pierre Martin Sr.

Vincent BRUN

Abraham BRUN

Sébastien BRUN (son of Vincent BRUN

In his book Acadian Awakenings, pg. 192, William Gerrior reproduces a map drawn by Léopold Lanctôt that indicates where the Village Barnabe ( Martin ) was located and also where René Martin lived, just west of the Bellisle Marsh. This René Martin was the son of Barnabé Martin, Pierre Martin’s brother. But according to the 1671 census, we notice that Barnabé Martin is located close to Pierre Commeaux and Jehan Pitre. We will follow the same procedure with Table 2 as we did with Table 1, only this time the geographical order is on the south shore of the Dauphin River, just west of Prée Ronde marsh.


Order of family names as they appear in the 1671 census

Inhabitants of a section of the south shore of the Dauphin River in geographical order from east to west in 1707


Abraham COMEAU


Claude PITRE (son of Jehan Pitre)

Estienne COMMEAUX (son of Pierre COMMEAUX)

Pierre COMEAU (son of Pierre COMMEAUX?)


Barnabé MARTIN (brother of Pierre Martin Sr.)

Pierre MARTIN (son of Pierre MARTIN Sr.) who returned from Beaubassin in 1677, according to Paul Surette in his Atlas des Acadiens à Beaubassin.

I have no explanation as to why the Martin Village became Barnabe Village.

Finally the last document that seems to locate where Pierre Martin Sr.’s family lived is a historical note in Stephen White’s Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes, pg. 1126

(p.s. what follows is my translation – see French equivalent of this report on my website):

August 9, 1679: Concession of a piece of land and prairie, near Port Royal, bordered on the east by the great prairie, on the west by Domanchin Creek, to the south by the Dauphin River and on the north by the mountain, by Alexandre Le Borgne de Bélisle, in the name of Emmanuel Le Borgne du Coudray, lord ‘of a part of Acadia’ to Pierre Martin and his son Mathieu Martin. (E.Rameau de Saint-Père, Une Colonie féodale en Amérique, 1889, vo. II, p. 318).

This description corresponds exactly to Barnabe Village (Martin) indicated on Léopold Lanctôt’s map and to the location of René Martin’s home on the map below, based on Delabat’s census of 1707.

I therefore believe that Pierre Morin dit Boucher and his wife, Marie-Madeleine Martin, established their first home in the Martin Village located on the north shore of the Dauphin River ( now the Annapolis River ) just west of Belleisle.

(See photos for copy of map)

Copy of a section of the map Au Coeur de l’Acadie

La colonisation acadienne le long de la rivière Annapolis, 1707

©Annapolis Ventures

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